The API documentation to discover the suitability of an area.

Policies Rules to use API

If you are a developer or if you are interested in integrating the value of an index in your web site, you can use the API.

Rate Limit

Currently the API are avaiable only for anonymous users, so we have limited the requests to 100 per day. At the moment, we are in beta. We are working to create a user authentication and to guarantee an higher rate to registered users.


We kindly ask you to give us credits in case you use our API for your own website.


Feel free to ask any question at: info@indexarea.com

API Endpoint

It's easy as visiting: www.indexarea.com/api/index/37.77/-122.47/

You have to call the index endpoint www.indexarea.com/api/index/< latitude >/< longitude >/